It can help you reduce your insurance rates if you can prove that your employees have had some sort of safety training for the work they do. Even if you don’t get that benefit, having your staff be advised of safe practices will help your company reduce the number of accidents on the job and, in turn, reduce lost productivity due to injuries, under staffing problems and help you reduce your payouts of workman’s compensation claims.

One of the services we offer at Worklaw is to give safety training courses to businesses and their employees. No matter the industry that you’re in, we can design courses to help your staff understand their role in having a safe work environment, train them on how to do their job in a safe manner and also train them to spot hazards and report them to the right person. Our courses are given on the worksite, so you don’t have to worry about arranging transportation to and from the training and we can do it in small groups so your productivity isn’t adversely affected.

We can also arrange to perform workplace health and safety training on an ongoing basis, perhaps every quarter or so, in case you have a business that has a high turnover rate in personnel. This will help keep all of your employees abreast on safe and healthy business practices and help keep your on the job injuries to a minimum. To find out more about the industry specific safety training that we can offer your company, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives.