As a small business owner, you have as much obligation to your employees and customers to provide a safe work environment as does any other business. Even those who are self-employed must ensure the work they do doesn’t harm anyone, including themselves. It can be tough for someone who is self-employed or who owns their own business to keep up with work health and safety regulations, but our company can help yours do so.

We can provide you and your employees with the latest information regarding new legislation for safe and healthy work practices. A consultant can do an audit of your premises to spot any potential hazards for your employees and/or your customers and others who pass by your business. Once we’ve done the audit, we can show you how to correct any problems that may result in illnesses or injuries to yourself, your workers and your customers.

Our company can also provide training on the job to teach others how to safely handle food, how to manually lift and move stock or supplies and how to practice good ergonomics for those who sit and work on a computer for hours on end. We will also show you and your management staff how to use a safety audit checklist to inspect your premises and keep it free of hazards.

Keeping your employees, yourself and your customers safe and healthy is good business because it can save you thousands of dollars in fines if any accidents are reported and it is determined you or someone at your business is at fault. It will also help you keep your workman’s compensation claims down and keep your customers happy, all of which affects your bottom line. To learn more about what our company can do for yours, call us.