On the job injuries can cost your company more than lost productivity when an employee has to miss work. If the injury is found to be caused by neglect on the part of the company to provide a safe workplace, your business can be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, and persons in control of a business or undertaking, PCBUs, can face jail time of up to five years. Even employees can face serious consequences for ignoring or circumventing safety regulations, especially if they or someone else is injured.

Our company can help protect yours by providing safety training services at your workplace to make sure your employees are aware of the work health and safety laws of your area. We can train your employees to spot health and safety problems and bring them to the attention of their supervisors and how they can prevent injury to themselves, as well as others, as they work.

We can also help by conducting safety audits of your business and show management personnel what they can do to prevent health and safety violations. Our risk management consulting will also show your company areas where improvements need to be made to prevent injuries, as well as recommend company regulations employees must adhere to in order to help reduce work health and safety problems on the job.

Reducing injuries or health issues at your workplace means your employees are not calling in sick and your productivity will not suffer from their absence. You also won’t be paying out for medical expenses or for sick leave. Call us to find out how we can help you save money and prevent problems at your place of business.