Safety Audit / Safety Gap Analysis

Do I have to have a Safety Audit?
Yes! How else can you ‘ensure’ the safety of all persons, as required by the Safety legislation!

Hazard identification is required by Law (regardless of which State your business operates in and whether or not you are self-employed).
A  safety audit is the first step in establishing what hazards exist, which ones are priority and ways to control them including what other gaps exist in terms of safety systems.

As a business Owner, Operator, Manager or Supervisor, you have the primary ‘Duty/Obligation’ to risk manage the work activities to ensure that you provide a safe place of work, safe systems of work and employee safety training, instruction and supervision.

Further, you must ensure that Contractors, Visitors, passers-by and any other person is not affected or exposed to risk or hazards as a result of your work activities. If you do not, you commit an offence against the Act and are in breach of your Obligation, thereby exposing your business to fines, improvement or prohibition notices and other enforcement penalties. You may also be found personally liable! (personal prosecution/fines/imprisonment)

Worklaw Hazard Auditing and Reporting services include:

  • Hazard Identification & Compliance (on site inspection)
  • Integrated Safety Management Systems AS/NZS 4801 Audit (internal & external auditing). See safety software (link) also.
  • Pre-purchase Audits (before purchasing a business or plant/equipment)
  • Risk/Gap Analysis, Risk Assessment and Control
  • Body Corporate Audit (Residential and Commercial)

We conduct a comprehensive on-site inspection, take photographs and interview appropriate persons. Back at our office, we compliance reference with all relevant Regulations, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards. We draw an appropriate report with recommendations which we present with photographs, all necessary extracts from Legislation, worksheets, forms and checklists for you to use, as required.

This report belongs to the Owner of the business and is for your use. Your Insurer may wish to see a copy in order to provide you with a suitable Insurance premium discount/benefit, which we would authorize. If some of the recommended controls are currently outside of your operating budget, you can prioritize as required. This Report and Action Summary can be used as a defense in a Court, as you can demonstrate that you have identified, assessed and planned to control hazards.

Looking for a Mini Audit? On site inspection with Risk Register/Action List only. Contact us to see if your business qualifies for a mini audit.

Corporate Office Audits
A safety audit of your office will identify safety and compliance issues in the office environment including access, manual handling, storage, repetitive strain, workstation set-up, lighting, electrical, amenities, chemical storage and use and fire and emergency procedures.
Safety Policies and Procedures are reviewed and/or developed, to meet legislative requirements.