Professional safety documentation is developed by us, tailored to suit your business and work activities and includes:-

  • WHS / Safety Management Plan
  • Audit reports
  • OHS Policies
  • OHS Procedures
  • Safety Gap Analysis
  • Contractor Safety Plan
  • Subcontractor Safety Plan
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • Risk Assessment (RA)

WHS / Safety Management Plan

A Work Health and Safety Management Plan (WHSMP) assists in the development and communication of your Company’s safety management system.

It provides details of the work health and safety arrangements in your business.

It outlines specific organisational responsibilities and contacts, training and regular communication methods about safety in the workplace, inspections and intervals and incident and emergency management.

WHS Policies and Procedures

Let us save you money and time!

We can tailor a comprehensive OHS Policy and Procedure Manual specifically for your business, to include everything you are required to have in place throughout the following sections:

  • Risk Management (Occupational Health and Safety)
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Human Resources

Our Manual typically includes 40 odd WHS Policies & Procedures such as Anti-bullying and Harassment; Social Media Use; Drug and Alcohol, Manual Handling etc. and 30+ relevant recording and reporting forms, checklists and registers.

Procedures are hyperlinked to the relevant forms for your ease of use.

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Turn-around time is usually 5 business days.