Something as simple as a safety vest can help your company reduce the cost of insurance premiums and medical expenses for employees who may file worker’s compensation claims due to injuries they sustain on the job. Wearing these vests make employees more visible, reducing the risks of being hit by moving vehicles while they are working. Paying attention to small matters such as this can help reduce injuries on the job and cut costs for your business.

Part of what our company does is help businesses like yours assess jobsite hazards and help you reduce or eliminate them. Our risk management consultants look at every aspect of your business to see where the risks are and create solutions to dispose of or reduce those risks. These risks could be things that are obvious, such as the improper handling of heavy loads by employees that can cause back strain or repetitive actions that can lead to injury. Some of the risks may not be so obvious, such as workstations that cannot be adjusted ergonomically for the person who is working at them.

We can also help you avoid penalties from the local and federal governments due to non-compliance with legislative regulations. Our consultants can make sure all employees are properly trained and licensed to do their job or we can provide needed safety training for your staff. At Worklaw, our business is to help yours save money and provide a healthy and safe work environment for everyone who works for you and anyone who may visit your worksites.

To learn more about the ways we reduce risks and improve workplace safety, contact our offices and make an appointment. One of our consultants will be happy to show you how you can improve safety and save money too.