Industries involving manual labour, such as mining, construction, shipping and receiving, and manufacturing, usually have more incidences of workplace accidents than most types of jobs. There are more hazards involved in these occupations and, with back strain and repetitive motion injuries being the two most common complaints, it is important that any risks are addressed and hazards reduced or eliminated to keep down costs associated with workmen’s compensation claims, absenteeism and overtime that can be triggered by accidents on the job.

Having a safety representative on site can help your business be more aware of the safety and health hazards that exist at worksites and help eliminate them if possible. They will liaison with the management staff to create solutions and policies for employees to follow to help in the reduction of injuries and health issues that can take place at work. Our company can provide you with a trained safety officer so you don’t have to incur the expenses of looking for someone to fill that role because our services are often less expensive than an employee’s salary.

Our occupation health and safety consultants will help you meet your legislative obligations regarding giving your employees access to safety representation, and they can help you with a variety of tasks including:

  • risk assessment
  • safety training
  • audits for safety hazards
  • legislative compliance

Reducing workplace hazards can save you thousands of dollars in medical claims, insurance premiums and fines. Contact us to learn more about getting an onsite safety representative for your business.