Your company should have plans in place to help you minimise the risks of injury on your worksite, no matter what your business does. Office employees, as well as those in more dangerous occupations, can be put at risk for injuries that can increase your expenses and cause you to be understaffed. Repetitive motion injuries are among the most commonly reported injuries on the job and those who are at a computer all day risk sustaining one of those injuries.

Our company can help yours identify risks and hazards on your premises and devise solutions to reduce the number of accidents and injuries your business sees each year. We can help you with safety management plans to see that your staff is properly trained when it comes to performing the duties of their job, so that they can reduce the risk of injuries. Office staff, for instance, can learn ways to reduce repetitive motion injuries by stretching their hands, wrists and fingers before going to work on their computers and they can also learn good ergonomic practices that will help reduce injuries.

Worklaw’s consultants do regular systems development that makes it easier for businesses to find safety information and to keep reports on file so that at any time, they can find information on or keep track of incidents reports. This data will help you assess where your company stands in terms of reducing on the job risks and where improvements need to be made. If needed, our company can also provide safety training for all of your employees, customising it to the jobs they perform.

To learn more about how a safer work environment benefits everyone, call Worklaw today.